I’ll admit, I don’t usually have many parties to attend during the Christmas season, and that probably has to do with my environment. I feel like I haven’t made it to adulthood yet, and adults are the ones who have the parties, right? While I try to navigate my “post-grad, pre-grown-up” life I will fake it until I make it - because that’s what I do best. Even though my friends and I live far from each other we found the perfect time to have a holiday party. Classy Christmas, meaning you have to dress up. I, of course, went too fancy, but as Oscar Wilde said, “you can never be overdressed or overeducated.” And since I would classify my education level as ‘under-qualified’ I should at least look good. Christmas doesn’t know how extra I can be.

You can never be overdressed or overeducated.
— Oscar Wilde

I’ve put together some ideas for outfits and accessories that I think are perfect for the holidays. If your goal is to look like you’re going to a 1920’s gala then I got you covered. I am the queen of good outfit intentions but terrible at reading the room.


I hope you enjoy your holidays! I am ready to tackle the new year and excited about what’s to come.




Summer is here and I'm obsessing over bags. And who isn't? It seems like summer is the time to express yourself through your accessories, however odd that may sound, and I'm doing it!


I've been wanting to get a chic, stylish backpack in my post-grad life and I found this lovely yellow one from Zara. So cute! Thank goodness I finally graduated and don't have to break my back with a bag full of books and supplies. This one is small, but not too small, and my back can now rest easy.

The black and white outfit is really key in this look. Summer is usually all about color, but since I typically wear a monochromatic color palette I like to continue that through the hotter seasons. For this outfit, this is what makes the backpack POP.


What do you think of the bright backpack style? Here are some favorites for you to complete your pop of color look.