This skincare journey that I'm on has me buying new products constantly. I feel the need to try everything! I'm currently trying to save my money, but when I saw the deal at Ulta for The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil box-set, I had to buy. It is such a deal! I recently started using The Body Shop body lotion and I really liked that they aim to have more natural ingredients, and they are cruelty-free, which is exactly what I look for in a brand. They seem like a genuine company, and I appreciate that. Also, have you seen the photos Cole Sprouse takes for them? That's kind of a bonus.

This 5-step skincare regimen includes face wash, toner, pure tea tree oil, moisturizer, and clay face mask. I was excited to try this because I know my skin loves tea tree oil. I usually put just the essential oil on when I'm having a breakout, but now I can incorporate it into my whole regimen. Initially trying it, it felt very tingly. There is menthol in the product, which takes a minute to get used to. I like that the line is mattifying because I feel that my skin is usually too oily. It did feel a little too drying at first, but I think it's about finding a balance of the toner and moisturizer to match your skin type. My skin is currently breaking out, but I'm happy to say I woke up with calmer, soothed skin! Overall I think this skincare routine is perfect for skin that is currently breaking out, overly oily, or needs soothing. I recommend it!