Summer is here and I'm obsessing over bags. And who isn't? It seems like summer is the time to express yourself through your accessories, however odd that may sound, and I'm doing it!


I've been wanting to get a chic, stylish backpack in my post-grad life and I found this lovely yellow one from Zara. So cute! Thank goodness I finally graduated and don't have to break my back with a bag full of books and supplies. This one is small, but not too small, and my back can now rest easy.

The black and white outfit is really key in this look. Summer is usually all about color, but since I typically wear a monochromatic color palette I like to continue that through the hotter seasons. For this outfit, this is what makes the backpack POP.


What do you think of the bright backpack style? Here are some favorites for you to complete your pop of color look. 



I took this photo at Trafalgar Square, it was a peaceful moment.

I took this photo at Trafalgar Square, it was a peaceful moment.


London is one of my favorites cities in the world, and I feel as though I have barely scratched the surface of what it has to offer. I spent one weekend there almost exactly a year ago during my semester abroad in the northern UK city Manchester. Although Manchester had a very different vibe than London, one thing that I noticed while living in England for 4 months was that everyone knew how to put together an outfit. Even if it wasn't my style or taste, it was completely polished. The city and its inhabitants oozed a confidence that I wanted to obtain. A year later I am still thinking about this vibrant city: the fashion, the people, the sights. I often look to London for inspiration, and now I'm offering you a little inspiration too. This Winter I'm channeling my inner London it-girl to express my sense of style.

The city and its inhabitants oozed a confidence that I wanted to obtain

For as long as I can remember I've poured over magazines looking at street style photos and drooling over the newest DJ with two-tone hair. (Said DJ inspired my high school look, not going to lie) London always seemed like a far away place and time, somewhere I would never be, especially not feeling like a local. But something happened when I arrived, I don't know if it was the architecture, the art, or the rush of the city that made me feel like I fit in. Fashion is the way I relate to people, and being out on my own exploring this intriguing place, rich with diverse style choices, I felt inspired and at home. Is there a place like that for you? Somewhere you didn't expect to find? I need to go back to this wonderful city, but until then, I'll always have the pages of Vogue.