I will be the first to admit I don't take care of my skin the way I should. I know what my skin hates - because trust me, I've tried it and broke out - but I'm not sure what my skin likes. I'm going on a skincare journey and you are coming along for the ride. My previous makeup remover was just coconut oil. In fact, it was my remover and my moisturizer. I swore by it, but I think that is mostly because the internet was telling me I should. Now, at the beginning of my skincare curiosity, Korean beauty is the best place to start! Nooni is a K-beauty brand that I was excited to try because 1. no testing on animals in Korea! And 2. This is a product specifically for removing makeup. No more overusing coconut oil! It's not allowed anymore. 

It is worth noting that this product feels exactly like coconut oil. It's oily, greasy, and I'm basically just rubbing around all my makeup as the product removes it. I don't love that, but it's something I can deal with, and what comes next is totally worth it. After rubbing the oil in, I turn on the warm water and wet my hands. The water activates the oil to turn into a cleanser! I still wash my face after, but I feel so fresh after removing my makeup in a way that coconut oil could never.

Overall, Nooni is amazing for being cruelty-free, smelling nice, looking cute, and working well! It hasn't made me break out, and I never end up with excess makeup after using it. I'm thinking I should try more Korean products. Let me know what your favorite K-beauty products are!