I LOVE PLANES. I thought I would start this post by capturing your attention. Do all capital letters work? But honestly, I love airplanes, travel, airports, and going to any new place. I know I don't have the same opinion as everyone, some of you absolutely despise traveling. Don't get me wrong, I have had horrible airport and travel experiences, but I have my ways of making it better. What you bring and wear on the way determines the mood for your trip. Are you well prepared? If you're not, you could be starting off on the wrong foot. 

SPEAKING OF FEET. (plz notice that impeccable segway) It all starts with the shoes you wear to the airport. Don't be one of those people that has to undo and redo a million laces (I'm that person) and don't wear shoes without socks. I'm not usually one for telling people what to do with their style, but I have seen some horrible things at airports, so I think I have the authority. My Adidas shoes are super simple to slip on and off, and they are extremely comfortable. Win.

On being comfortable, I always bring a sweatshirt or sweater with me because I will inevitably be freezing at some point during my travels. And it is always smart to layer. This is my Adidas Originals sweatshirt. I think I have an addiction to that brand.

Always bring headphones with you. They will save your life and you will forever be in their debt. Trust me. I like to download podcasts for flights! Here are the ones I'm currently listening to:

For long flights I like to bring a book and a notebook. I can write down thoughts, ideas, and even draw in a notebook. The book I'm reading now is The Geek Feminist Revolution. It's a nonfiction book of essays. I recommend it!

I wanted to write this post because I will be doing a lot of traveling very soon! *wink wink* I can't wait to share with you all my adventures. Tweet me @PaolaKassa and let me know what are your favorite books and podcasts to listen to when traveling? I want to know!


Paola Kassa