For the past few weeks I have been in a mood because my skin has been so uncooperative. It was mostly my fault, I stopped washing my face, and I thought I could get away with not drinking water. It's one thing to be lazy, but not being hydrated is just stupid.

These are the products I use every day and I love them because they don't clog my pores, they stay on even when the sun is beating down, and they make me feel great. Isn't that what makeup is supposed to do?

To keep my skin clear I use Lush Cosmetics "Angels on Bare Skin" face wash. I use all natural products as much as I can. My moisturizer is just coconut oil. When it comes to makeup I like to use Smashbox BB Cream because it has sunscreen and evens out my skin. (Without covering my freckles). My bronzer is "Sun Bunny" by Too Faced. It gives me the perfect glow and doesn't make me look orange. If I were to marry a beauty product, it would be this. I seriously love it. Don't worry - not in a creepy way.

For my eyes I always prime them with the Urban Decay primer potion. I never thought it would make a difference but my eyeshadow stays perfect all day with this and looks more pigmented. I love the Urban Decay Naked palettes as well, and I'm currently using a mixture of 4 different colors. My liquid eyeliner is Smashbox, and I never knew it was possible to find a better eyeliner formula than Stila, but I found it! This doesn't crease. It's magical. My L'Oréal Paris mascara makes my eyelashes hit my eyebrows, which is insane. Insanely awesome.

Now you know my favorite beauty products! Share yours with me!